titulo Diseños Personalizados

Given the special characteristics and technical requirements of the clothing to be used by Fire Brigades, it is advisable for the design to take these circumstances into account and to be adapted to them as far as possible.

The aptaFIRE,S.L. range of clothing can offer a customised design for each Fire Brigade, in such a way that all the specific requirements set out by the wearers are taken into account:

Made-to-measure clothing for each wearer (customised size)
Clothing identified with the wearer’s name
Design adapted to the radio transmitter and other working tools

CEE APTA, S.L. has more than 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of made-to-measure protective clothing and specialises in customising them thanks to the ability of our staff and the capacity and flexibility of the machinery and production means which the Industrial Safety Division has.

Get in touch with our Commercial Department to explain your specific needs and our technicians will come up with the best solution.