titulo División Protección Laboral
This Division was where our business activity started in 1981. At the present time, there are more than 30 people on the staff dedicated mainly to designing, manufacturing and marketing individual protective equipment and clothing (EPIs) to prevent industrial risks.

Based on conventional raw materials (flesh splits, leather, cotton duck, etc.) or advanced technical fabrics (NOMEX®, KEVLAR®, KARVIN®, MARLAN®, SIGLO XXI®, etc.) either standard design or customised clothing and equipment are made: gloves, jackets, spats, hoods, anti-thermal suits, etc. Together with these products, the Division catalogue also includes complementary safety equipment and clothing.

The means of production available, ranging from conventional cutting and sewing machinery to high performance electronically controlled weavers, guarantee the high levels of quality and comfort demanded.

All the clothing and equipment that need it are approved to obtain the EC type certificate. The EC trademark was set up by the European Commission and it is the body which sets up its conditions of use within the various directives of the EC Trademark.With the EC Trademark, the manufacturer or its representative within the EU declare that the individual product meets the general safety requirements of the EC Trademark directives.