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NOMEX® Comfort
This fibre has been designed to offer the same level of protection against flames and heat as NOMEX®, and at the same time provides anti-static protection and a high degree of personal comfort for the wearer.

The garments made with NOMEX® Comfort are lightweight, smooth, breathable and so dry quickly (up to four times more quickly than the cotton used in the same application).

Kitting out with undergarments made from NOMEX® Comfort, beneath intervention garments made from NOMEX® Outershell, greatly increases the wearer’s degree of protection: firstly, by creating a second layer of intrinsic protection against heat and flames and, secondly, by creating an “air gap” or insulation layer of air between the two layers of protective fabric.

Siglo XXI

A close mixture of 43% NOMEX®, 5% KEVLAR®, 2% P-140 and 50% non-flammable viscose.

The perfect material for making lightweight garments, which provide permanent anti-static and flame protection properties and have a very good mechanical resistance.

NOMEX® Outershell
This fibre has been designed specifically to provide high thermal protection performance together with a reduced weight for intervention garments, so as to reduce the wearer’s efforts.

It has 23% of KEVLAR® which provides it with additional physical characteristics which allow excellent durability and tear resistance. These characteristics are increased because the fibre is woven in rip-stop.

Also, the material has a fluorocarbon surface finish which enables petroleum derivative repellents to be added, as well as making it partly waterproof.


This is a fibre that was created by scientists at DuPont more than thirty years ago and has an extraordinary combination of features which enable it to achieve a high fireproof and heat protection performance and it also has excellent textile properties.

On moving away from the source of the heat, NOMEX® extinguishes itself and so provides a permanent, reliable protection against flames and heat.

This is a DuPont fibre which provides an excellent combination of characteristics which offer the following features:
High tensile strength very lightweight.
Structural rigidity.
Low electric conductivity.
High chemical resistance.
Reduced thermal deformation.
Excellent dimensional stability.
High cutting resistance.
Flame resistant and self-extinguishing.

A fibre with a conductive carbon core covered with a protective layer of polyamide, which gives the material anti-static properties.

The fibre works by induction, with the carbon core acting as a light conductor which attracts the charges of the material. The charges of the opposite sign are induced in the core; these induced charges ionize the air, in such a way that the charges in the material and the core are neutralized: the static electricity is dispersed harmlessly.

Viscose FR
This is a special viscose fibre with fireproof features achieved by adding a flame retardant chemical compound to the raw material (a natural substance derived from cellulose).

This protective substance cannot be eliminated from the material neither by washing nor abrasion and therefore provides permanent, fireproof protection.

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