titulo Servicios Integrales

CEE APTA, S.L. offers its aptaFIRE,S.L. range clients an integrated management service for protective clothing.

The correct management of this clothing enables us to ensure that its protective properties against heat risks are maintained adequately in time and also lengthen its working life.

This management, which is schematically described below, has to be carried out by specialists in each and every one of its phases so as to be able to guarantee the right treatment:

1. Collect clothing.
2. Inspect the clothing and update its record.
3. Cleaning and decontamination.
4. Water repellent treatment.
5. Drying.
6. Inspection, repair and record updating.
7. Return clothing.

For those aptaFIRE,S.L. clients who so wish, a Renting option for the clothing is available.