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Calidad y Excelencia
Since being constituted in 1981, CEE APTA, S.L. (and its registered trademark apta®) have grown quickly and steadily, both in turnover and in job creation, with the number of staff growing from 9 to the almost 300 — more than 200 with some form of disability — who are presently members of our organisation and are working in the two work centres (more than 9,000 m2) in Gijón (Asturias).

Although, since its beginning, the company has specialised in the world of Industrial Safety, our growth has been based not only on the increase in the number of clients but also on the diversification of activities: industrial safety, wire harnesses, outsourcing and training services at the present time make up Divisions which provide full satisfaction for the various needs of more than 200 national and international clients.

Together with the investments in real estate, the growth in investment in machinery, equipment, industrial organisation, human resources and training has continued at the same rate so as to provide our clients with a competitive business structure that can offer them added value solutions.

In 1998, the ONCE Foundation (through GRUPO FUNDOSA, S.A. — the business division of this foundation created in 1989 — grouping together more than 70 of its own companies and 39 investee companies) became a shareholder of our company, contributing to strengthening even more the business capacity and synergies with group companies, as well as the commitment with the social-occupational integration of the disabled.